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Annual Report

Since moving on to different e-pastures, I think my "permanent" account here deserves some occasional updating. It was just over a year ago that I last posted here.

Life is a bit different. Brindle and I moved into a duplex for 6 months while remodeling our home and have since moved back into our wonderful new old home. We still have the same 3 greyhounds and 3 cats, but our foster dog is now a pit bull.

Still happy with the STi wagon, but I must concede that for the money, I don't really drive it as hard as I should. In the 1.5 years that I've owned it, I still haven't taken it to the racetrack. That, and I ride my bike almost as many miles as I drive the car. We sold our '64 Impala, as we could not justify the garage space for a car that we never drove. Now we need to get the '66 Chevy truck running.

Late last year, I got a Vassago Fisticuff bike frame/fork and over the following few months collected parts for it until I finally got it rideable. This bike stands somewhere between a heavy duty road bike and a lightweight 29er mountain bike. Once I have 2 sets of wheels so that I don't have to swap road (35c) and offroad (42c) tires every time I switch modes, I'll be happier with selling off more of my bike herd. It also sports gears or single speed just fine, has front and rear racks and dirt drop handle bars. This is The One for me (for now). Just very recently, Brindle and I have started riding our two tandem bikes. They are always fun.

Not much has changed at work in the past year. I still have minions doing my bidding. I still travel occasionally for projects. Deadlines still get met. The only thing I'm about to face is a return to coding in Java. I've been using mostly PHP since leaving the J2EE world in 2002. 9 years is a decent hiatus.

Brindle and I have been through a long home remodeling process among other things and, though we've had trials and tribulations, are much closer right now than we were a year ago.

New and Continued Interests from the past year:
* Brindle
* Robin
* Friends in general
* Barefoot running shoes
* Stair climbing
* Flipside theme camp (The Queen's Mushroom)
* Flipside
* Myschevia
* Art (I've made a large vibrating mushroom chair and made plans for giant LOLerskates)
* Cooking (in my nice new kitchen)
* Making things in general. Waiting to clear my garage before going big on any projects.
* Going out to shows
* Drinking booze and occasionally smoking my "Jr Bob Dobbs" style pipe
* Social bike rides
* Santa Rampage (and flash mobs/themed bar crawls in general)
* Finding things I've always wanted to do and doing them
* Finding things I've never considered doing before and doing them

I'm currently in East Texas hanging out with relatives. About to workout or eat breakfast. Not sure which.
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The Next Big Thing

Ok, the title is a bit presumptive. This is just another "I never post here" post. I suppose I've had fewer and fewer private things to say that I don't want family/coworkers to know about (who are included in my facebook audience). I have merged my multiple lives more into one for simplicity.

Quick update:

I bike 50-80 miles a week, still. About to go on a bikepacking camp trip next weekend.

Brindle and I have 3 greyhounds and 3 cats (plus one very large foster greyhound). We are at our house's limit on pets.

We are much closer to actually remodeling our house.

Know anyone who wants a '64 Impala? Charlotte is for sale. We need the room.

A tree branch fell on my WRX last year and I now have a Subaru STi wagon. WHEEEE!

Brandi and I will be going to Burning Flipside this year.

In the first 3 months of this year, I've travelled to Chicago (work), New Mexico (snowboarding), New York (work), and Austin for SXSW Interactive. I've been everywhere, man. Oh, and it snowed heavily in every city I visited except for Austin (and snowed in Dallas usually upon my return). I began to think that making it snow was my superpower until Austin.

Work has been busy as hell. I have many minions now and seldom do "actual" work but instead spend time in meetings and/or delegating.

If you feel the need to keep up with me and you're willing to tolerate the dark side, find me on facebook. Otherwise, you will be stuck with annual/biannual updates here.
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What to do with the poo

Does anyone here with dogs do something other than throw the poop in the trash? I've been researching options, and there are really only 2 other than trashing it.

Connect directly to the sewage line:
(I might just hit the plumbing section and see what I can come up with on my own)

Compost it:

The only thing specifically suggested we NOT do is to throw away the poop in plastic bags, as they take some 200 years to biodegrade.

Oh, and life is great and happy new year, etc..
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Who knew George Takei was a Breeder?

We are adopting two new dogs: Mo and Lillie.

In looking at the pedigree of our new dog Mo, I looked at his father Dodgem by Design and noticed that his breeder was George Takei (Sulu from Star Trek for you people living in caves with no TV for the past 40 years).

I'm not completely sure if that is the same George Takei, but how common could that name be? Anways, we're very excited to have these two new members of our family.
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SF trip last weekend

We went to San Francisco last week for a few days. Here's the brief overview:

Went there on a morning flight Thursday the 13th. We dumped our luggage off at the MonteCristo B and B to go eat at a late lunch / early dinner at Cafe Gratitude. From there, we went to Lush to load up on bath bombs. Walked around Cow Hollow (babies and doggies area) for a while mostly window shopping. Hills. Steep ones. Returned to Monte Cristo and Brindle took a bath.

Friday: We ate breakfast, then the rode bus standing (it was packed) and train out to Oakland to visit our friend Elsie. At some point, I sneezed or coughed and re-injured a recent rib injury, so certain movements or positions hurt like hell as well as taking a normal deep breath. Ate lunch at Golden Lotus downtown. Hung out with Elsie and had tea with her back at her place. We acquired a persimmon from the tree right outside her door. After getting back, we ordered take out from Khoon Chang's Thai. We went to the Legendary Pink Dots show at Cafe Du Nord. We went back to the B+B after the show.

Saturday: Slept like hell with seriously painful rib. Every sneeze cripples me with pain and my allergies were going and it hurt to breathe. We ate breakfast (including the yummy persimmon), rode the bus West to eat lunch at Patpong Thai on Clement near 24th. We walked about 8 blocks down to China Beach and had a very relaxing time playing in the cold surf. We ate dinner at Herbivore on Divisadero at Fell. Bath may have followed.

Sunday: Slept like hell again moreso than before. I got up at 6am in pain and couldn't sleep. I waited in bed trying to sleep a while, but eventually walked up to the store at 8:30 sneezing, coughing and hurting looking for the good drugs. I found some Tylenol and that magically fixed everything. No more pain problems. I ate breakfast and was later joined by Brindle, then rode a bus to Chinatown. We at at Lucky Creation vegetarian restaurant. We ate WAY too much food. Afterwards, shopped and bought various kitsch. We stopped before the heavy bellies started cramping too badly. We had dinner reservations at Millennium for their aphrodesiac dinner. By the end of that meal, we were both about to pop. Srsly. I sat in a chair holding my painfully full belly not wanting to enter a cab until I had to. We finally made back to the B+B and I crashed hard.

Monday, breakfast, then rented a car from City Rent A Car to drive down the coast line to Santa Cruz to visit friends. We ate near the campus there at Saturn Cafe. Burgers sucked but the sweet potato fries were good. We spent the afternoon hanging out with friends on the beach there. I rode a skateboard with sandals on and realized that skateboards are not the same as they used to be, nor am I. The ride back was after dark along the coast line (highway 1). We stopped off on the way back to walk on the beach at Half Moon Bay in the pitch blackness. My 120 lumen flashlight came in handy. After dropping off the rental car, we took a cab back to Lucky Creation in Chinatown for dinner. We ate much more conservatively that time. Later, while Brindle took a bath, I went on a walk around town. I like to walk around the city at night. It's cool to see what's still up and moving around midnight on a Monday night. Surprisingly, SF is quite active at that time.

Tuesday, breakfast, then we packed up to check out. After breakfast, my stomach didn't feel right. I thought it was something I ate or drank and didn't think much of it. It persisted, so I walked to a drug store a few blocks away for some pepto stuff. After chewing on a few pink pills, I got even more sick. I managed to pack stuff up and found myself too ill to go get lunch. While Brindle went to Herbivore for take out, I went back up to the room and managed to puke. That made me feel 100% better by the time she returned with food. I ate said food and felt fine for about 10 minutes. Our ride to the air port arrived and I wasn't doing so well. The ride to the airport sucked and I just about hurled in the car. As soon as we got there, I found a bathroom and tried but failed to hurl. After checking luggage but before making it through security, I succeeded in hurling again. This made me feel a little better, but left us with no time to spare making it onto the plane. We were the last people on. The flight back sucked with much heaving mid air. Thankfully, I slept through most of it. The loudest chatty cunts were in the seat behind us chatting it up at full volume the entire trip. I slept very fitfully in between bathroom sessions. I eventually just laid down across multiple seats with my head in Brindle's lap. Brindle's stomach started to hurt while on the plane. I had the spins the whole way home but at that point was done puking. Not so for Brindle.

We slept all day Wednesday, eating pretty much no food. I did light unpacking yesterday (Thursday) and laundry while Brindle continued to be sick. I had planned to work Thursday then go camping/biking today and tomorrow with my friend Chris at Tyler State Park. That wasn't about to happen with me doing anything active, so we cancelled and I just went to work today. I still don't have much of an appetite. At this point, I'm going to use my juicer and protein shakes to get enough nutrients to recover properly without completely nauseating me.

Doing a quick scan of this summary, I seem to focus on the pain and gloss over the fun parts. I will return to this post with more details about the fun parts. I think the best day was the trip to China beach. The simple joy of having feet in the sand with the ocean right there is much harder to put into words than puking and aching is. I'll tell more later.