Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

I drove Charlotte to work today

I drove our '64 Impala to work today. It's been a long time since it has been out on the road for more than a 2-3 mile journey. I'm amazed at just how well the engine drives now that the exhaust and ignition systems have been serviced. Now, I'm noticing the little things, like the A/C not doing so well, the rear-view mirror not wanting to stay where it needs to be and the steering being kinda loose. Oh, and the brakes feel like they could use some fresh hoses and new fluid.

On the way to work this morning, I was driving on Inwood when I noticed that the hood wasn't completely shut. I pulled over and shut it really quickly, and when I got back in, I banged the fuck out of my right knee. I had inverted the little triangle window so that it blew air straight onto me, and I jammed my knee into it really hard. I just held it for about 2 minutes unable to move. Pride forced me to put it in gear and continue to work. I had to press on the brake pedal with both feet for a while and push on my leg with my hand to regulate the gas pedal. It sucked. The pain relented by the time I got to work (too hot to be in pain) and I eventually put some ice on it. It hit right between the knee cap and the inside thigh muscle ligament. Sux.

Anyhoo, got it home and garaged and all is well. I'm going to have to do that (minus the injuries) more often. Now that ozone action days aren't so frequent, I don't feel as bad about driving an ancient V8 around ;)
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