Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

Anybody want to experience the joy that is helping me bleed my brakes? I changed out some brake hoses on the '64 Impala this weekend. The POS vacuum brake bleeder that I got doesn't do much of anything useful, so I can't get the brakes bled by myself. This is not typically a brindle job, so I solicit my friends list for applicants.

The skills required of you are:

1. The ability to get over to my house (preferably today, if not soon) and stay for at least an hour.
2. Good communication skills (or at least "OK" communication skills).
3. The ability to reach the brake pedal.
4. The ability to slowly press down on the brake pedal.
5. The ability to let up off of the brake pedal.
6. The ability to step over a lot of tools and crap that I've strewn all over the garage in the past 2 weeks of car work.

Please call or write if interested in the position. I offer booze and dirty garage humor as side benefits. Hell, I'll even throw in a beaten up poster (I think I still have some "Attack of The Killer Tomatoes" posters).
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