Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

Made some fresh raw cashew butter tonight. It turned out much clumpier and dry than I had expected. Nonetheless, it was sweet and tasty. Maybe next time, I'll add some salt and flax seed oil to the mix to smoothe it out some. I also want some fresh almond butter. That stuff is $26/jar for the fresh organic almond butter in the refrigerated section. Raw organic almonds are something like $7/lb, so I hope to cash in on the mega savings and fatten up on some fresh ground nuts ;P

As stated in an earlier comment, I'm going to do a fruit/juice fast soon. I'm giving up caffeine, cigarettes and booze for 2 weeks. This preparation phase is the most difficult part.

Coffee is the bestest thing evar and I don't wanna quit :(

Ehh..I'm kinda stoopid due to a lack of coffee, but my goal this week is to ween myself off of my vices so that starting next Monday, I can be completely off of them.

I will probably start the fruit/juice fast the following weekend and juice just about everything that I eat for 3-5 days. I might even take some liver detox stuff and get deep tissue massage during that time or soon thereafter.
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