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Well, I haven't posted anything in a while. Here's what I've been up to:

Recovered from juice fast fairly well. I've been eating extra nuts and oils to get back to a normal figure (I don't like being too skinny).

I gave up drinking, cigs and coffee for the juice fast, and for the most part, I've kept up with this and still haven't smoked or consumed alcohol. I gave up caffienated coffee, but still drink tea or decaf sometimes.

I've been taking probiotics to help fix the damage that decades of coffee drinking have done to my gut. The high end probiotics give me insomnia and cotton mouth. I've also been taking a little bit of chlorophyll supplement, but all it seems to do is make everything (yes, everything) green.

I just had my third chiropractic appointment this morning. I've decided to give this chiro 10 visits to get me on a 4-times-per-year-or-less adjustment schedule. If I'm not seeing a marked increase in time between adjustments, I might quit him before that. I'm going to schedule massages the day prior to getting each adjustment to optimize my relaxation and hopefully speed up the chiro process.

I'm still waiting to feel better - not that I'm feeling specifically ill or anything. I keep expecting to somehow be on top of the world and feel just totally bad ass, but I have yet to experience that. I'm sure these things take time.

I visited a Medical Qi Gong practicioner while I was in Austin. She recommended that I continue to restrict my alcohol consumption and suggested some herbs for dealing with the pollution in Dallas. My spleen system has a weak pulse. In Chinese medicine, the spleen and pancreas are very much related, so it makes sense that a diabetic would have a week spleen pulse. I've been told this by my acupuncturist as well.

While in Austin, we saw Snog play. That was a great show. It was the first time in a looong time that I had a really great time and had no booze to drink (but half a Red Bull). I've become so accustomed to drinking and smoking while socializing, that it is awkward being in that environment without some social lube. We stayed at our friend oceanisis's house the rest of the weekend and just had a fun, relaxing Austin weekend.

The following weekend, I helped my friend Chris install a rear sway bar on his Mini Cooper S. It was quite a bit more of a challenge than changing the rear bar on my Subaru WRX.

This weekend has been fairly laid back. I saw Ghoultown play Saturday night, tried out a new pancake recipe yesterday and am running errands and doing chores today.

Yesterday, I found out while bleeding the brakes on the '64 Impala that the rear passenger brake line has a blockage in it and it doesn't get any fluid at all. I'll definitely need to research this before driving it again.
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