Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

Bathroom talk

Day 1: Demolition.

Today, I took apart the walls of our bathroom. The reek of Swisher Sweets from the previous owner came flooding out from behind the liquid-nailed formica as I pulled it down. Yick. I've spackled what's left of the walls, patched or repaired the completely rotten underparts and cut most of the new beadboard that will go up tomorrow and I'm spent. I had to make a little beadboard door for pluming access behind the shower. I also realized that I don't have any short nails for my nail gun and they went all the way through. I had to clip the protruding ends off with snips.

My shopping list for tomorrow is:
* Liquid nails (fight slack with slack)
* Small air-gun brad nails
* Inside- and Outside-Corner moulding

My task list for tomorrow is:
* Paint the walls
* Paint the walls again
* Prime/Paint beadboard
* Install beadboard
* Install trim
* Paint beadboard again
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