Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

Home at last

Well, it's been quite a busy weekend in San Antonio. We headed down there Friday to see Imperative Reaction and Covenant. That's the first show that I've ever left specifically due to the badly strobing lights. I could not enjoy the show because of them. In fact, most of the people that I knew at the show left before it was finished due to the extremely poor lighting. I hate to see good music ruined by something so non-essential as a light show. I really needed dark sunglasses just to be in there and hadn't brought any. I brought a pair the next night.

Saturday, we hit the alamo and riverwalk and did touristy stuff. That evening, brindle went to Austin to see Ladytron play while I stayed in SA to see Combichrist and KMFDM. Our group had a lovely dinner on the balcony of our B+B before getting ready to go out. By the time we made it to the show, we had just about missed Combichrist (the main reason that I wanted to go there). That put me in a slightly foul mood. I'm not a huge fan of KMFDM, but I thought their show was OK and sat through half of it. As the night went on, I got more and more annoyed by certain drunk people. We went to an afterparty and I considered dancing in a strange bar with a bad sound system but never did. Any plans for recovering from having missed most of the Combichrist show were thwarted by an annoying drunk (he dumped his drink on me then hijacked my plans because he was too drunk to drive and didn't want to be alone). The bar hosting the afterparty closed at 2am and I ended my evening annoyed, irritated, restless and bored.

Today, we had a nice breakfast, drove to Austin and had a relaxing lunch with friends, then drove home. I'm glad we stayed kinda late in Austin, because apparently the traffic was much worse earlier in the day when our friends were driving home.
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