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I think I have a job?

The project that I'm currently working on will apparently go on ad infinitum. I have been invited to stay for it's duration. I will be a contractor for at least the next 6 months, then they hope to roll me over into a permanent employee. We did talk money, and the most they would consider is what I used to make back in 2000. I guess that's about par for this economy, and is much better than sitting on my ass not getting paid anything. My only two complaints about this job are:

1. It's way the fuck out by 161 and 114 (North of DFW airport)
2. They really expect employees to work insane hours (50-60hrs/week)

I don't know if it's okay for me to discuss exactly what I'm doing for them yet (in a public forum), but the work is pretty interesting. I fear that some of my future projects may conflict with my personal ethics or I may be disgusted by some of the content.

I'm too exhausted to be very excited. After three 10-12hr shifts and not much sleep, I'm somewhat of a zombie. I may jump for joy at some point in the future, or I may lament my new burden - we shall see.
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