Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

Lotus Notes is teh suxx0rz

First day on the job went fairly well. Took care of paperwork, got a laptop + monitor that kicks my previous desktop's ass, walked down the canal to eat some Japanese food and plotted the future (while twisting my virtual moustache) of our group with my boss. Currently, I'm sharing a very small office with said boss. I won't have that same dominance at the new place that I had at the old one, but perhaps that's a good thing (my ego inflates in isolation). Before going too far into any major infrastructure projects, I'll need to feel out the lay of the land a bit more. My laptop came with 2G of ram, a hi-res display, a docking station, very few privileges and winxp pro. What it was missing was VMWare and intelliJ which were ordered but not supplied. The rest of the goodies I need are either java apps or they don't need to be "installed" and can just be executed from within my user folder. I've used intelliJ in the past, but not recently. I'm a big fan of VMWare for not having to worry about silly security restrictions.

They use Lotus Notes. To the converted, Notes is the best thing since sliced bread. To the rest of the world, it serves as proof that there is no god. Since IBM is a client, we apparently use all of their stuff. The scary thing is that I honestly believe that Outlook has a better UI than Notes. I have a hard time giving credit to any MS product, but seriously, Notes is just that bad. I must say, however, that the IBM ThinkPad is a dandy little laptop (as far as desktop replacements go).

As luck would have it, on my way home from work, I ate a flying bucket on Inwood and contributed to the bumper acne that my car is developing. At least the black plastic under the sorta black paint conceals the small gash.
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