Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

December update

First two weeks at new job: hellish.

I inherited a project that was already overdue and somebody had spent a month screwing it up before quitting. It then sat for a few weeks waiting on me to start working on it. It was full of nasty security holes and poor programming tactics. Surprisingly, all of the SQL statements were well formed (although input was not properly processed). URLs were created using raw data (not url-encoded) and user authentication was managed in cookie data (which any hacker could easily edit to break in). For a propaganda site, I would think that more attention would be paid to security. I worked extremely long hours to get this CMS done before the holidays so that the client could edit content themselves, but we just didn't make it. They now have to rely upon our people to update the content manually if/when anything needs to be updated.

After those two nasty weeks ended, I pretty much vegetated for 3 or 4 days. I've missed so many social engagements due to a severe lack of motivation that I'm wondering if I still care about going to bars and dancing/socializing.

I intended to work on the Impala this week, but it just didn't happen. I did manage to workout, do a lot of cleaning, some shopping and finally visit a kung fu class. I purchased Brindle a new tiny mp3 player that she claims to just love. I bought a Philips divx dvd player / dvd burner that seems pretty cool. I've offloaded a few movies and the first 4 episodes of Venture Brothers season 2.

The Lightning Fire Mountain System form of Tibetan martial arts is rather interesting. I never thought of myself as much of a physical combatant/warrior/whatever. I still giggle when the instructor mentions something about kicking or punching. The stretching and breathing exercises are very useful, though. After a single visit, my spine alignment issues have relented a bit, I'm breathing more deeply and I'm already standing/sitting with better posture. I'm also aching in ways that I haven't ached before. I just don't know how I'm going to make it across town to three 90 minute classes 2 nights and 1 morning a week. That's twice as much time as I currently dedicate to working out now.

I also perused the subaru forums and came across - an open source computer module that's compatible with my car (among others). Someday, when I'm no longer relying on my car to get to work everyday, I'll probably have a laptop mounted in the passenger seat for tweaking fuel maps and boost controls. For now, I'm probably going to fork up the cabbage for a used Cobb Accessport as that is a much safer way to dork with my car's computer. The price for them is dropping quickly as a new version just came out and, though it adds little real functionality, is all the rage.

For now, I'm cruising the town hanging out with ex-coworkers. I'll let go someday ;)

It is evening and I'm now home. I just have to say that I *love* driving my car on cold, rainy days. I spent 1/4 of my drive spinning my wheels (WHEEE!).
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