Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

Hiking today

I hit LB Houston park on Tom Braniff / Wildwood road today and it was extremely creepy.  The scary trucker types with the "I'll rape and/or kill you" looks about them kept my visit fairly short.  The trails weren't very muddy, but were nonetheless wet with standing water.  There were beer bottles, panties and condoms all over the place and I just left.

I went down to California Crossing where the bigger park is.  DORBA had closed the trail for biking, but it was fine for jogging / hiking.  I had a pretty good time of it and got quite a bit of trail running time in.  Much of my run was spent walking on the grassy/leafy edges of the otherwise muddy trails.  It wore me out.  I don't know how far I ran/hiked, but I'm guessing it was about 5 miles for the day.

At one point on my walk, I noticed through the tress the outline of some large buildings in the distance.  I realized that one of them was my office building in Irving.  It's strange that I've been working and living so close to all of this wildlife and didn't realize it.  I guess I also didn't realize that Tom Braniff connected all the way over to California Crossing, which connects with Riverside in Las Colinas.  I also wasn't aware of how the Trinity river snaked around that area.  Strangely small world. That flood plane had been a black spot in my mental map of the city for a very long time.
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