Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

I got logs!

I spent a lot of time today futzing with logging software for my car. I tried several different apps to see what would work, what sucked and what wasn't what I was looking for at all. My problems came from:

1.) the cable that I recently purchased is a brand spanking new version that nobody seems to really support yet.
2.) Some of the software has some bizarre features that aren't clearly documented anywhere.
3.) Alpha software often tends to just not work.

I tried EcuExplorer and it didn't like my device. Looks like a really cool application, though. When I fix whatever is keeping it from working with my device or they release a fixed version of the softwar, this looks like it'll be a really cool application. I tried LogWorks 2 and it seems to die if you don't have one of their wideband O2 sensors hooked up to it.

After spending some time looking at those apps trying to get it to save data to log files, I ended up using the data logger app that ships with Enginuity. I could get it to display and graph data, but nowhere could I find where it was outputting data to. I even setup a dashboard to show me in big colorful boxes what my car was doing while I was driving it. I tried an alpha version of the logging app to see if it was working within that one. It would allow you to specify an output file, but otherwise didn't actually write anything.

After pretty much giving up for the day, I did a lot more searching online. I find somebody mention something about "the defogger button" and how that was somehow related to saving log data to disk. To my surprise, hitting the defogger button in my car is what turns on and off logging when my laptop is hooked up to it. By the time I had this figured out, my car was parked and the roads were starting to freeze over anyways.

I'm looking forward to the next dry day so that I can start to tweak and tune the settings and figure out how all of this stuff works together. BTW, weather has a lot to do with how well a car performs and it doesn't make sense to tune anything while we're having freakishly cold weather this week. Maybe next weekend will hold more fun for me. I think I'm going to leave my laptop in my car and log various driving scenarios througout the week to see what all of my sensors are telling me about it. The thing that still sucks about my old junker laptop is that there is no battery. I have to shut it down before I turn off the key otherwise it gets a hard shutdown.

Here's a picture with a cat in it:
Tags: cars, wrx
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