Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

Hiking and dirt

elequin and I went hiking today out at Joe Pool lake in Cedar Hill. We headed out for the 2.5 mile trail, but ended up on the 7.5 mile trail with (guessing) a 1 mile shortcut taken that cut our trip down to near 6 miles. However far we went, we were hiking briskly for 3 hours and spent half of that not sure how much further we had to go :|

Fortunately, there were plenty of cyclists passing us on the trails and the only danger that we faced was having sore feet and legs from walking too far. They laid the trails out such that each segment has a large open path in the middle of it. One of these served as our shortcut.

I took us up Mountain Creek Parkway to see my old stomping grounds from my childhood since we were in the area, and found a decent spot to go off-road driving a little. It's kinda technical for cars as low as mine is, but there are some relatively smooth parts that provide for some 360 degree fun.

The dirt is quite compact as though bigger 4x4s had compressed it when it was still wet. It was mostly lumpy and there were some very deep ruts that I had to crawl around and some ridges/crests that had to be taken at an angle. My car has stock ride height and I never bottomed out but saw many opportunities to do so had I not taken my time. I had a blast spinning around the dirt trails. I would like to return when there is more daylight. We were there after sunset, but before it was totally dark.

There were other trails that I noticed on Google when I got home that I didn't see while I was out there (because it was dark). What ended my fun, though, was breaking the seal on my tire when I hit a large compacted dirt bump. I had to find my way out of the fun zone on a donut. I have no regrets and got it fixed at a tire shop on the way home for $5. elequin even got some photos that I hope he'll post soon.

It's at Mountain Creek Lake Pkwy and Kiest.
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