Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

The car is almost track ready

I started the day with a tranny oil change and motor oil change. I should have warmed the engine up before changing the oil, but having the oil pan down there already made it too difficult to resist draining the oil pan. I swapped out the motor oil and tranny fluid. I ended up using a coctail of various gear oils in the transmission. I can say that it *definitely* made a huge difference. It's like a completely different transmission. It actually shifts smoothly and doesn't feel like it's falling apart.

It took a lot of driving around to day to get stuff, but I finally got the tires that I bought online a week ago at discount tire (won't be returning there for new tires). Still on my shopping list were high temp brake fluid and another quart of gear oil for the rear differential. I visited a few specialty shops and couldn't find any brake fluid that's particularly nice. I ended up settling for some Valvoline synthetic "high performance" stuff. We'll see how well it holds up after 8 20-minute track sessions next Saturday.

I replaced the brake fluid and brindle helped me bleed the brakes. It was getting dark while I was messing with the brakes, so after getting all the wheels bled, I put it up for the night. If I don't get around to replacing the rear differential fluid before track day, I think it'll cope. I still need to go out for a test drive, but I think I'll do that in the morning since I'm plum tuckered out.

We have so much going on I hope I can keep up. My upcoming work week will definitely suck, but hopefully not too badly. I get to reverse-engineer a reporting data cube and document how it works. I also get to learn Macromedia Flash and build an online calendar and/or a calculator. Yay propaganda.
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