Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

6 months healthy

Ok, it's been 6 months since I went on my juice fast and made a few changes to my diet/lifestyle back in September and in that time, I have not been sick. I've faced numerous pepole with colds, flu, etc, and not once have I come down with any of it. One day, I had 4 people in my small office in a meeting and each of them was from a different city with a different cold. I got by without coming down with any of it. There were 2-3 days that I didn't feel 100%, but never did I show any other symptoms than just feeling kinda stupid or slow. I might even have made brindle sick without actually getting sick myself (carrier). I never got a fever, cough, snot, etc. The worst thing that I've done to myself is drinking booze. Getting more than tipsy seems to stupidify me for a day or two afterwards as my liver catches up on processing.

So, to recount the changes that happened and my results, here's the list:

quit coffee (since replaced with green tea and/or mate)
quit alcohol (for the most for special occasions)
quit smoking (save for very special occasions..2 cigs in 6 months)
added daily fiber suppliment to diet
added daily flax/borage oil to my diet for omega3
added nightly probiotics
started taking kung fu classes 3 times/week in Dec.
changed jobs in Dec.

I find that since greatly reducing my booze intake, I don't go out as much. When I do go out, I don't have as much fun sober as I did drunk. The difference isn't huge, though. If I'm bored I'll have a single drink or maybe a red bull if I'm tired. The Saturday morning kung fu class kinda screws up any night life I might have. I'm up at 8:30 which means I can't hang out until 3am on Fri night and won't last that long on Sat night. It gives me more daylight time to do productive things like working on the house and cars.

Update: I forgot to mention that since replacing my previous workout routine (cardio + weight training) with pretty much just kung fu, I've put on 8-10 lbs and my muscles have shifted in size from being more top heavy to now having much stronger legs and abs. I'm also seeing the chiropractor much less now that I'm stretching my spine at every kfu class. The stretching excerises work wonders for a crooked back. I do need to go back to some sort of cardio/weight routine. I'm considering replacing my Saturday class with a trip to the gym. I think that would do it, but I do enjoy the Saturday classes since they're less structured and often involve less traditional training (like dodging nerf darts and such).
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