Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

I just had a great run!

Thank you Google Maps for finding this trail out on the edge of Irving. It's about a 2 mile stretch of off-road area just north of Trinity park. Thanks to gmaps, I knew exactly where to park and where the entrance was. It's nice to show up to a strange place and already know your way around. I ended up running with my cam phone, so I took some snapshots of the landscape. The trail pictured in the google maps link above doesn't show the recent construction that's gone on there. Most of my run was on hardened clay in the shape of tank tread from the heavy machinery that travels on the route. My feet kinda hurt and ankles will no doubtedly be sore tomorrow. It was great!

Now, off to clean up and go watch Krrsh (or however it's spelled).
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