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Urban Exploration map archive

I've decided to do a Google mash-up to catalogue all of the things I see on Google maps that I want to explore at some time or another. I find spots of personal interest all the time and would like to archive them in one location. That notion of an exploration site hit-list grew into a gmaps application with each site mapped out with a trail head and points of local interest listed on the map. These maps could be shared with select groups of fellow explorers and communal notes could be added to the map.

The idea of making maps and sharing them with select others was only part of the fun. There would be a moblogging component to this as well and route tracking via gps. A mobile GPS app could log your location periodically and upload it to the web (or queue it up if you're underground and have no phone signal), creating a real-time log of where you have been for future reference. It could also help your girlfriend (and the cops) find where you got stranded. :D

I plan on using OpenID on the site so you can use LJ to authenticate yourself on it (easier adoption that way). For LJ (at least), I could also pull in your friends list when you login to make sure your friends-only maps were kept on the d/l. If it got popular enough, I'd buy a GPRS modem for sending/receiving the realtime map data. In the meantime, it would have to go through an email gateway. I'm excited!

Thank you elequin for lending me your GPS. I love it when a plan comes together!
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