Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

Next technology to review...

...Open Laszlo.

I will have to put it up next to Adobe's flex to see which works better for me.

Today's research into Open Laszlo turned into a comparison between it and Flex 2. After a less than stellar description of Laszlo from a former coworker, I decided it was my open-source fanatic duty to give it a good once-over before considering Flex.

Open Laszlo:
It looks like the kind of environment that could get you a whole bunch of cool stuff if you're fine with the default behaviors or the themeing is minimal.
I'm not sure how difficult it would be to customize the style.
There are 2 kinds of deployment: solo and server-based.
Solo deployments are static files, and server-based require online web services to work.
Each typically has several frontends that it can generate: dhtml, flash 7 and flash 8.
There is also a java frontend, too, but it's not mentioned much int he tutorial.
The main weakness for Open Laszlo is in the dev environment based on the old articles that I read.
It's an xml file just like flex gets generated into whatever frontend is requested and has various controls and components just like flex.
OL has a J2EE-based dev environment, but it can apparently sit on top of anything that can generate xml for backend data/storage/services.

Comparison with Flex 2 (still reviewing Flex):
They both have Eclipse plugins that I have not used.
OL appears to have more "out of the box" than Flex, but it is easier to customize Flash apps (according to random googled advice).
OL seems more "Web2.0" (whatever that means) the way components automagically shift and slide and work relative to each other.
Flex will make you more employable.
Flex will win more brownie pts with creative geeks in the NY office.
OL at this point supports multiple versions of flash whereas flex 2 requires flash 9.
A lot of people throw out the "you're tied to whatever adobe thinks flash should do" problem.
Flex 2 uses xml/actionscript 3, OL uses xml/javascript.

Still no winner, but based mainly on the politics, it looks like flex is in the lead. They seem technically similar enough to call it just based on corp politics. I'll review Flex and the Eclipse plugins for OL and Flex next week.
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