Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

The right shoes make all the difference

Last Monday, I bought some new running shoes. Instead of going to the cheapo store, I went to Luke's Locker on Oak Lawn at the recommendation of a former coworker (who runs marathons and such). After about 20 mins of trying on different shoes and having the salesman watch how I run back and forth in each of them, he deduced that I needed the Brooks Adrenaline line of shoes for my foot shape. When I tried them on, there was no big "wow, these are the best evar!" feeling just walking around in them, but they were moderately comfortable and lightweight. Since my daily shoes were way worn out and the pavement running shoes were ugly, I bought a second pair for off-road use with gore-tex, extra wicking, etc..(and a slightly less ugly visual appeal).

Well, I ran about 3 miles in them yesterday evening and they are the best shoes I've ever run in as far as protecting my knees and ankles from shock. Today, I feel as though I could run again. Yesterday was not a typical run, though. Just after the 2-1/4 mile point, I turned around to head back to the car. Shortly after turning back, I noticed that I was getting low blood sugar and I didn't have any snacks with me. I tried jogging for about another mile, but kept getting fatigue that I couldn't fight off. I had just over a mile to go when I just started walking. It takes a whole lot more time to walk than to run, btw. When I got back to my car, my blood sugar was at 46 (normal is 70-120). I sat there and drank and ate until I was ok to drive. I was not in real danger, just really inconvenienced. I'm going to buy a box of sugar goo packets to run with in the future. I used to bike with them and they are quite effective. It pretty much killed whatever plans we had for last night. Sorry about that brindle.

I'm about to go rollerblading for the first time in a few years. I think my skates are old enough that the uptown snobs will stay out of my unfashionably poverty-stricken way. :P
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