Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

My inline skates suck.

There are definitely worse models that have been manufactured, and I could probably make mine work for me with some modifications, but I'm considering replacing mine. I put 10 miles on them tonight, and have many blisters to prove it. I even double-socked my feet to suppress the disomfort. I made it almost 5 miles before the pain kicked in. The entire ride back was rubbing mostly on my left instep. I seem to recall it being difficult to find non-leather inline skates when looking for more than the hard plastic shell type that I currently am using. I bought these a loooong time ago and really should retire them. I've coned out some of the wheels and am probably due for some wheel replacement. All it takes is about 25-30 miles before I notice the wheels coning. I guess it also has to do with how many times I do a hard stop.

I saw one of the spandex-clad skaters skating with his arms behind his back. I tried this, and after nearly falling a few times, realized that this was a very efficient skating style. It relies mostly on butt muscles, but seems to put more of the energy into locomotion instead of spending so much effort swinging arms back and forth. I will try this more the next time I venture out (after blisters heal).
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