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drunk fukkin rock!

It always puts me in an odd place when I run into old friends from my youth (not that I'm old!) and they're not much like I remember them. I don't know how to relate anymore, I guess. I'm not the person that they knew, and they're certainly not the people that I once sought out. What could 8 years do to people to make them so different from me and vice-versa. I guess it could just be that they were severely drunk, but I'm not sure if I like who they have become. I just hate it when I have to warn people I know to avoid other people I know for fear of personal safety.

At this point, I'm pondering the larger picture of old friends in general. It seems that most of the old friends that I've come back into contact with lately seem to have made lifestyle choices that are very far removed from mine. I would think that since we came from similar backgrounds, that our lives would somehow parallel in *some* way or another. At this point, the only things that I have in common with many of my old friends are the shared memories from days gone by.
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