Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

Lazy Sunday

My mother had to work today since they're doing a system upgrade over the weekend where she works. I guess we'll do mother's day next weekend? Maybe later.

I'm finally upgrading my computer (Ubuntu Linux) from Breezy Badger to Dapper Drake. The whole process takes a few hours and will hopefully not hork my system. Funny: "Downloading file 136 of 1435 at 81.5k/s". I don't have a huge reason to be upgrading, but maybe things will work a little faster/better with the newer version. I'm afraid support for Breezy will end and I wouldn't be able to upgrade easily. I do know that the Dapper version will have long-term support until 2009, so I can really hang that version out to dry for a long time if I so choose. I'm using Edgy Eft in a virtual server at work, and it has all the latest and greatest versions of the software that I use.

A friend suggested that we try kayaking and instead of just suggesting it in general, specified an actual body of water to try it out in (Joe Pool Lake). The only thing he left out was a time/date. I found and, though it's at a different lake (much closer to our home), sounds similarly fun. I've always wanted to kayak. I just think it would be really neat to go exploring waterways that way. They seem a lot more portable than a canoe, too. There's also the adrenaline junkie aspect to river kayaking that I might never actually get into. If we ended up buying kayaks of our own, we would either have an enormous rack on one of our cars or I'll have to get the '66 chevy truck running.
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