Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

GPS and WM6

I got the HOLUX bluetooth GPS yesterday. It's very tiny - like a thumb drive. I hooked it up to google maps and walked around the house as the map followed me. That's pretty nice. Unfortunately, that's all that it does with a gps. It doesn't log where you've been, document waypoints or map out your day's travels. I'll need to find some other software for that. I'm considering the BeeLine GPS product for $30. There are no maps that come with it, but I can use google maps for that for the most part (but only if I can get a data connection). The killer app for google would be to tie the mobile app with their "My Maps" feature so that you could document waypoints/points of interest as you travel and have it automagically appear on your My Maps collection.

I updated my phone to windows mobile 6. It does seem to be a lot less buggy than wm5 was. I'll put it through some wringers soon enough. I just hope that some of the software that I want to run will work on wm6.
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