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10 month health streak ends today

Early last August, I had a cold. I had colds about every-other month before that for a few years, and was starting to feel generally like shit every weekend after going out. I decided to ween myself off of coffee, booze and smokes. I did a juice fast and actually stopped the consumption of all vices over the course of a few weeks in September. I felt great since then. I've had energy and felt balanced. I do miss coffee-induced mania, but tea does treat me much more nicely.

However, the perfect storm brewed up the past two weeks to infect me with what I suspect is acute ethmoid sinusitis. The dry desert air cracked my sinuses (yay for bloody boogers), which provided the venue for bacteria from unknown location (possibly from the mineral springs or the swimming pool I swam in this past weekend), along with a strong drink that I had at the party to weaken my liver and immune system. I think, had any of those not been a factor, I would not be sick now. Regardless, I find it remarkable how bad it feels to be sick. I don't have a headache or anything horrible in particular, just an odd sick feeling and sinus and chest sensitivity. I guess I have a mild stupor going on, too, which bugs me the most.

I'm going to have some soup and salad and juice some carrot/celery/apple concoction. Maybe I'll transcribe the travel log tonight, but I doubt it.
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