Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

A day on the water

We went kayaking today and had a blast. I think it's the most fun we've had in direct sunlight in quite a while. We took instructions from Mike with and he was hilarious. I got to practice a wet exit (twice) as well as the "hand of god" rescue. We learned many useful and practical things about kayaking - from lake ettiquite to safety to good form and technique. I highly recommend the class to anyone interested in kayaking.

Toward the end of the day, I went out to the middle of the lake where the wind was building up some big waves. Just for a split second, I wasn't paying attention and the half the boat was full of water and I was going down. That's where my second wet exit practice happened. This time, I was in the middle of the lake with nobody around. I had a paddle float (floaty thing that you stick one end of the paddle through to help get you back in the boat), but the wind and waves were high enough to make it difficult to get back in. Also, the kayak I was using had a slick kevlar coated hull and was built much more for speed than stability. To make matters worse, my sandals were hindering my ability to swim properly. After almost making it into the boat twice and then actually making it in right before dumping again, the instructor showed up to hold the boat steady while I climbed in slowly. He also brought a bilge pump to allow me to remove the water from the boat that kept the boat so unstable. We paddled back to shore and called it a day. I'm looking forward to the next time we go out on a lake. Maybe we'll do a river/creek instead with more shade. That would be nice.

When we got back, I watched many episodes of Bleach (anime). I'm now up to season 5. Only 30 more eposodes or so left before I'm up to the current eposode (English subtitled). The English dubbed version that plays on Cartoon Network is up to episode 30, whereas they're on episode 130 in Japan.
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