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Google maps,134186/article.html

Yslow plugin for the Firebug plugin extension for Firefox:

AJAX and Symfony:

Anyone doing AJAX development really needs the Firebug extension for Firefox. The Prototype dynamic POSTS are logged in the Firebug console. It's impossible to debug without such a tool.

Symfony integrates with prototype well. There is an event model that allows you to run arbitrary js while interacting with the server at specific mode changes:

* before: Before request is initiated
* after: Immediately after request is initiated and before loading
* loading: When the remote response is being loaded by the browser
* loaded: When the browser has finished loading the remote response
* interactive: When the user can interact with the remote response, even though it has not finished loading
* success: When the XMLHttpRequest is completed, and the HTTP status code is in the 2XX range
* failure: When the XMLHttpRequest is completed, and the HTTP status code is not in the 2XX range
* 404: When the request returns a 404 status
* complete: When the XMLHttpRequest is complete (fires after success or failure, if they are present)
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