Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

I had fun at Club Spooky last night

No, really. It was strange. I didn't really know many of the people there, but I enjoyed immensely the company that I had. For the first time ever, I walked through the club, and there was good music playing in both rooms at the same time. That was awesome. I like the new insustrial format for Thursday nights. I might see myself going out more, as the music was heavy and fun (not the same old recycled early 90's crap that I have come to expect).

Last night was the first time I've been tipsy in a long time. I think it was last year when last I was even remotely drunk. Though I only had 4 drinks (at $6 each, I refused to buy more), I was properly impaired. I would have made for a questionably drunk driver were I behind the wheel. Our plans for today were canceled this morning, so we sat on the couch and watched anime all day. The last few times I've gone out drinking, I've done that very same thing. It's nice on occasion to just sit there, eating pancakes and watching TV.

We paused the anime to watch Crazy Sexy Cancer, a show about some woman's issues living with cancer. It was interesting to see her going through all of the same health food crazes that we've been through: vegan, macrobiotic, raw...with many of the same conclusions that we came to. The only "craze" that has stuck over the years was the vegan one. In a year from now, I will have been vegetarian for half my life. I'm just glad that diabetes is the only real nasty health issue I have to deal with. Living through chemo has to seriously fuck your life up. I can only imagine.
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