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Hell is almost over

So, I've almost had a whole weekend without work. It wasn't this weekend, but it could have been. My 8 week stress test is indeed almost over.

In the past few weeks (in no particular order or level of importance), I've worked a whole lot, participated in a Triathalon, participated in a wedding, ticked a year on the age clock, taken down some poisonkitty/mogda websites (that will remain down until I find time to migrate them somewhere), run out of anime to watch (I'll miss Claymore), watched some friends make asses of themselves, rolled my toe around and under my other toes at kung fu class (still hurts), saw Blue Man Group perform, enjoyed several nice conversations and developed a really bad attitude at the office about one singular asshole.

Ignoring the past 2 months, I find my self with some important, self-gratifying tasks:

  1. Fix Charlotte (the 64 Impala). Installing an alarm with remote start and a kill switch, I horked the electrical system somehow.

  2. Spend my birthday booty on something. Current options under consideration:

    1. Used MIG welder. No real reason for it, just always wanted one. Probably would cost a bit more than $300 for a decent one.

    2. High-flow catalytic converter/downpipe for my WRX. Will add noticable go-fast improvement to my car without added pollution.

    3. Nice Santoku knife for chopping veggies + something else since the knife should be much less than what I have to spend. I'm thinking this shouldn't be a birthday present. That's like a guy getting his wife a vacuum cleaner for her should be a utility cost, not a birthday present. ;)

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