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Drunker Vogt

Yesterday, a group of Jacksonvillains and I drove down to Orlando to see XPQ-21 and Funker Vogt play at club Cairo. After a raucous Friday night/Sat morning (bedtime 5:30am), our trip started around noon from Jax on about 4 hours of sleep for me. We stopped in Daytona to watch some of us eat lunch, before proceeding to Orlando. We got to Orlando around 5p, instantly primping for the show that started at 7pm. Why the hell an EBM show would start at 7pm is beyond me, but nonetheless, we were determined to see it. We called a cab to take our soon-to-be-too-drunk asses to the club. The cab never came. 45 freezing cold minutes later, we had missed XPQ-21. So I volunteered to drive us back. The implication here was that by 3am, I would be sober/sane enough to babysit/drive 5 others to parts unknown. We finally made it to Cairo. Instantly, we loaded ourselves down with alot of booze. We had about 5 minutes of socializing before Funker Vogt started. I wasn't really prepared for their presence, as I hadn't ever seen a picture of them before. The singer is quite stunning for a boi with a shaven head with that skin-thug look. Alas, I danced half a foot above the crowd on my new platform boots, and quickly found myself drunk, hot, sweaty and clumsy. Their music was awesome, but between the lame crowd and the minimalist stage show, there wasn't a whole lot of energy. There were small pockets of fans grooving out, but most patrons seemed quite sedentary. I guess 8pm is just too early for some people to be all intense. I'm usually still pondering what I'm going to wear on a given Saturday night at 8pm, not in the thick of a heavy EBM show. They played most of their more popular songs, I got a T-shirt, and found that they're gonna release a new album (that's not just full of remixes) in August. There was an afterparty at Barbarellas, a club around the corner, so around 9:30, that's where we went.

Barbarellas has a pretty good setup, they played good music all night. I danced my ass off. My travel-mates drank their asses off. I was pretty much drunk by the time we left Cairo (2 long-island iced teas will do it for me). I had another drinkee at Barbarellas, but for the most part just drank straight orange juice, to fuel my blood sugar dance craze. They played all kinds of infectuous music: Die Form, Claire Voyant, Blutengel, Neuroticfish, Wumpscut, Moev..even some Rammstein for the hearty growlers out there. I danced pretty much straight through from 9:30 to 3am, taking a few 5-20min breaks. On one of these breaks, I attempted a conversation with the singer for Funker Vogt. He speaks just about *no* English. I speak a similar amount of German. It was not a very interesting conversation. Melissa, one of my drunken friends, took it upon herself to pet his shaven head. I found that quite amusing, as he had no idea what she was saying or why she was petting him and seemed a little uncomfortable.

The evening went on, I met a Vietnamese guy named Fuck (pronounced fook), an online acquaintance of one of my travel mates, Amber. He was very nice, but we didn't talk much. By the end of the evening, I was *so* ready to go shower and sleep. Melissa and Crystal were trying to encourage all of Funker Vogt to come back to our hotel rooms and hang out/drink/play/screw/? and that conflicted with my immenent pillow destination. They were all drunk, I was sober and exhausted and hadn't eaten more than chips+salsa since noon. I was getting annoyed by the drunk boys. At 3am, during all of this sex god idol worship around the band, I noticed the guitarist for Funker Vogt staring at me, my body, my hair and generally giving me *the eye*. I couldn't tell if he wanted to screw me or kick my ass. He said something about "der mann mit dem langes haar" in German to the singer, followed by similar stares from all of the band that was present and a psychotic giggling among them. I thought I heard the word for for 'fire' as part of the untranslated part, hence my apprehension around a bunch of shaven headed boys partying around the sleeping long-haired boi. One boi in our party of 6 was having *other issues* and wanted to leave as well. We finally got the drunk girls to leave Funker Vogt alone and go back to the hotel without them. Amber left with Fuck, and I drove the rest of us to a Dennys. I was very annoyed by the drunk boys by this point, and was very curt with them. I ate my bagel (the only vegan dish at Dennys I'll eat). We waited for ever on the rest of the food. We ate, left, I showered, then crashed at 6am. I woke up at 8:30 freezing because the A/C had been cranked waaay up, and couldn't get back to sleep.

Here I sit, riding on a total of 6-7 hours of sleep over the last 2 nights, writing about my trip. We have several pictures, met alot of interesting people, danced alot, and got our drink on. All in all, it was a good weekend. Now, I sleep.
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