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Another day at the track

Still no life update post. Might come next week while I'm on vacation.

I did another day with Apex Driving Academy out at Texas Motorsports Ranch. It was a blast, but I'm completely worn out. I got up at the butt crack of dawn to drive out to Cresson, TX (about 1.5 hours from home, including a gas station stop). I've modified my car since going out there back in March. I added a bigger up-pipe and high-flow catalytic converter (exhaust parts) to the mix. It doesn't make much more power than before (~+25HP), but the power it has is more readily available now. This was very useful on the track. Today, my driving was more about me and less about my car. That is good, as the last time I was out there, I often found my car to be annoyingly slow to respond to my input. Today, I practiced being smooth.

"Smooth" was definitely the theme for today. It's difficult to go as fast as you can, then immediately stop as fast as you can and do it smoothly, over and over again, around every turn. My overall speed was excellent today and I was one of the fastest cars in my class, but I was much easier on my car due to the "smooth" theme. There was a guy in a Ford GT on the track who never really figured it out. Twas a shame, since that is truly a beautiful car (and 500+hp doesn't hurt). He got passed a lot.

The rain made things interesting and probably favored my car over others since it has all wheel drive. There were several other Subarus out there including one belonging to a coworker. I fabricated a camera mount and we each recorded a 20min track session, so maybe there will be some youtube video of me driving off course into the grass. I'll post that later. For now, I sleep - for tomorrow, I geek out on my Arduino board.
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