Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

Track day video

Here's some video of my next-to-last session of the day: (part 1) (part 2)

Recording your session really makes it obvious where you screw up. My instructor gave me suggestions and I wasn't really understanding him in the car. Watching the video, I know what he was talking about. The few times that I did go all out (as he suggested), I had some decent exit speed. Alas, this was the only session that I recorded and it wasn't my best. We had an intercom system, so we are talking at normal levels and you can't hear much in the video. Also, I have a stealthy quiet exhaust, so you can't really tell that I'm beating on my car fairly hard. It had been raining this day and parts of the track were wet. I didn't record earlier sessions mainly because of the rain.

Next time, I'll be all hooked up and will record much more track time. I'll post a friends-only link to the higher quality (130Mb) video after this.

Here's a map of the track that we were on (starting out counter-clockwise from the upper right):

Tags: msr, track, wrx
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