Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

the wrx was hit :(

I was at the front of a 4 car pileup on the toll road tonight. It sucks. My car is driveable, but I had to zip tie my rear bumper to my passenger fender and tape up my tail light. My trunk closes only if I slam it hard since it now presses up against the bumper and light fixture. The guy who caused the wreck was insured, thankfully, so I expect to get taken care of. I'm ok, but have a slight back ache. So far, the ache is nothing more difficult than what I face in kung fu class.

Yay for packing tape and zip ties :[

I just hope that some paint shop can match my metallic flake paint job.

BTW, I have been working solid since Sunday before last without a day off. I logged about 70 hours last week and will do a bit more than that this week. I guess we have to pay our holiday time off forward.

I realize that others are having a much worse time than I am, so I'll keep my issues to a minimum. To those I've neglected lately, I'm sorry.
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