Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

Pucker Pics

This is the morning after I banged on it with a dead blow hammer and a pry bar to get it back to looking like a car. The side of my car was catching air and flairing out onto the sidewalk on my way home. Also, I tried to make it street legal but the turn signal wouldn't work.

We're dog sitting and I just took the dog out for some trail jogging along the Elm Fork of the Trinity river (by NW HWY @ Riverside in Irving). She lasted almost an hour. It really used up a lot of her nervous energy. She is really a neat little dog.

Driving a truck is wierd. I feel like I'm driving around on crutches or like I'm carrying around a 100lb backpack. It feels really scary trying to do anything even close to what I do in my car. That's pretty much keeping me well on the tame/paranoid side. We'll see how well it handles the next time I'm late to work. :P
Tags: wreck, wrx
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