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Sauerkraut Joins Spinach... the list of foods I couldn't stand as a child that turned out to be ok as an adult. I think I've figured out the main problem: cans. As a child, I only had canned spinach, which, IMO, smelled like bad breath/fart and had almost no flavor beyond a hint of yick. I now blanch fresh spinach on meals all the time, but I only really like freshly prepared spinach, possibly frozen but NEVER from a can. Sauerkraut was canned typically, and heated up to be served warm with cheapo hot dogs. This meal was a favorite of a friend of mine's father growing up. I was once invited to stay for dinner before realizing that it would be wieners and sauerkraut (Dad happened to be a Nazi Biker living in the slightly nicer part of the hood). I went through 2 large glasses of milk swallowing every bite whole so as not to let it touch my tongue longer than it had to. It actually triggered my gag reflex which I really had to suppress. That truly ranks up there as one of my worst eating experiences ever. I seldom asked to eat over after that, certainly not before figuring out what was for dinner.

Fast forward twentysomething years, and I see a jar of sauerkraut sitting in the refrigerator section at Whole Foods right next to some vegan fake beer brats (like German sausage if you don't know what I'm talking about). I'm certainly due for a culinary change in scenery, so I pick up the combo, along with a jar of vegenaise. The day after, I toast some bread, nuke a brat and put some vegenaise on my bread with sliced up fake beer brat. AT first, I didn't use the kraut. Then, mustering back up the sense of adventure I had when I picked it up off the shelf, I put a small heap of it on my plate to be administered on a per-bite basis. It wasn't that bad. In fact, the salty brine that it was sitting in was rather tasty too, along with the rest of the flavors going on. I heaped a second and third round of it up on the plate before I was done. I think there are only special situations where sauerkraut is warranted, but this was certainly one of them. I wonder what other foods that horrified me as a child have tasty versions nowadays. This was also my first time experimenting with Vegenaise. It's damn good stuff. Way better tasting than real mayo and a whole lot richer than the Nasoya fake mayo stuff...but what would I know about real mayo, I haven't had that in almost 2 decades.
Tags: childhood issues, food
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