Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

2007 in review (yawn)

2007 was filled with many new activities. All in all, I did a whole lot of new things, but nothing really sparked my obsession really. I was never engaged in a project that kept me up at night and woke me up in the morning. I haven't created much this past year, and that bothers me. I miss making things. I even started several projects, but never had the energy to get very far with them. I'm sleepy as I write this, even.

In 2007, I...

Worked my first year at a new job. It's been about 2/3 suck, 1/3 awesome. I like the people, so that really helps. In the latter half of the year, I've moved more from engineer to architect and have learned to delegate tasks to my minions. This is difficult for a control freak like myself. Thankfully, I'm not officially managing anyone, however, it's up to me to keep engineers busy while designing a good product.

Studied my first year of Tibetan Kung Fu. It has replaced my gym exercise. Notably, my core muscles have strengthened, as has my coordination and flexibility in some regards, but I've become a little soft and flabby otherwise. I don't get a consistent cardio workout. It's either over the top, or way lacking. I should spend more time in the gym this year.

Worked on my car and drove it. I souped up my car a bit more, adding up-pipe, down-pipe (with high-flow cat) and open source engine management to the mix. I got some Kumho ecsta tires that have treated me well so far, along with a "performance" alignment. I now have higher end brake pads all around (Porterfield R4S). I created a camera mount bar to mount a video camera to in my back seat. This setup, along with previous mods (sway bars/short shifter) were put to task out on the race track at Motorsports Ranch twice in 2007. I have wasted many long hours on Subaru car forums reading posts from suburban kids being dorks. I will never recover this time. I've learned a lot about my car, but the time could have been better spent elsewhere. I ended the year without my car as it was rear-ended and is still sitting in the body shop. I hardly touched the 64 Impala or 66 truck.

Traveled a little bit. We saw New Mexico in all it's glory. I do really like it there. I'm not ready to live there as a llama farmer, but it is beautiful country. We hit Austin a few times. Austin is always a good trip.

Didn't really drink that much. I continued not drinking (much if ever) until September. I had even reduced soy in my diet to see if I would feel any different. I didn't notice much of a difference when abstaining from soy, so I returned to consuming it. I still don't drink coffee, my life's blood, without which, I am merely mortal. I'll had about 5 red bulls in 2007, usually consumed when going out dancing. I still don't drink much, but the one or two times a month that I go out, I might allow myself to get tipsy.

Did a lot of trail jogging. Any time I had a few hours of free time on my hands, I hit the Trinity River (Elm Fork) or Joe Pool Lake trails and go jogging. I love hauling ass across rough terrain and navigating dangerous hills/valleys at top speed. I'm sure there's some X-games sport associated with this.

Went kayaking a few times. This is highly recommended for just about everyone. I love kayaking and might try river kayaking in 2008.

Explored electronics with the Arduino microcontroller board. I haven't really done much with this, but the potential is there and I expect to do a lot more with this in 2008.

Watched an ass ton of anime. Mainly Bleach, but also Hajime No Ippo, Gantz, Claymore, Blood+, Lain, Kaze no Stigma, etc..

I just feel like I was spread a little thin. For 2008, I'm going to try to focus on fewer things and do them better/more. I want to be so excited about a project that it really gets me going. Maybe it'll be electronics, maybe bike riding or trail jogging. I'm kinda tired of software projects. I'm not feeling like contributing any more eventually-abandoned projects to the world of open source computing. There are way too many of those out there. I'll make another post with predictions/hopes/plans for my 2008 later. I'm sure I've forgotten something major here, so I'll probably update it tomorrow.
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