Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

Kona Confused

I'm considering buying this 2005 Kona Stuff bike for $450:

or this 2005 Kona Hoss bike for $400 even:

The Hoss is heavier and geared more for bigger guys than myself. Most of the favorable reviews about it were written by people in the 230+ lb category (I'm in the 170lb category). I'm probably going to test ride the Stuff on Monday out at RCP. The seller lives out by there and is willing to let me try it out before buying. It looks a little small, but I guess I'll see when I get out there. Sounds like a decent deal. They're both 2005 models.

Before that, I should check out a few new bike models just to know what I'm comparing against. After spending a bit of time looking around this week, it's merely coincidence that I would be considering 2 Kona bikes.

I'm still considering the Iron Horse 5.5 for $429 that aaazhyd suggested.
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