Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

bought a bike

Yesterday, I bought an Iron Horse Maverick 5.5 mountain bike at Performance Bicycle. Today, I met elequin at Rowlett Creek Preserve in Garland for a ride. He wasn't feeling too well, so he bailed after a short while. I ended up doing loops 1-6, then loop 1 again. It was quite fun! I'm amazed at how much difference suspension makes on a bike. I was able to handle stuff that would shake my solid fork Canondale to pieces without a problem. Hell, I even caught air on some of the obstacles.

The only damage I took was a shot to the knee that I'm sure I will get over soon enough. I forgot how tiring that is on the hands. Also, it was cold and windy, but thankfully, I still have a bunch of cold weather gear from back when I commuted on a bike. Aside from snotting a whole lot, I didn't suffer at all from the cold wind. Maybe I'll get out again this week if it doesn't rain too much.
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