Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

On biking in the cold...

Looking down and realizing that you didn't bring the cold weather riding gloves is an offense that warrants turning around and going back home to get them. I rode without them yesterday, and my fingers froze such that they really, really hurt. Today, I did the same ride (more, actually) with them and it was about 96% fun. I've been riding at L.B. Houston, and I've almost done all of the obstacles. It's going to rain some freezing water tomorrow, so riding is out.

I've been off work all week taking my leftover 2007 vacation before I lose it. Tomorrow, I finally get my car back from the body shop and return the Mitsu Raider. I have the 3-axis accelerometer mounted in a plastic box and working for the most part. I think I might have figured out what is wrong with the Impala's ignition system. Still haven't actually worked in it, though. I've wired a lantern. Yay.

This ends your short attention span update.
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