Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

Finally got the WRX back

It's taken quite a while, but today, I picked up my WRX from the body shop. They returned it with a tire low on air, but that's about the only complaint I have. Damn, I've missed that car. The truck I've been driving for the past month has been extremely crude in comparison. Sitting so low to the ground was kinda strange at first. I guess I finally got used to sitting up so high in the truck. Oddly, my trip home was down the same tollway on which I was hit a month ago. This time, I exited one stop sooner so I didn't have to pass the actual spot. :)

Things I've missed:

Nice brakes. THe seatbelt nearly knocked the wind out of me when I stomped on the brake pedal the first few minutes I was driving. The truck required a lot more effort to stop it.

All Wheel Drive. Yeah, on a rainy day like today, it really comes in handy. Not a necessity, but damn nice.

Handling. The truck handled like...a truck. It's nice to have some stiff swaybars and nice grippy tires.

Acceleration. The truck had some power to it, but I had to make sure the rear wheel wasn't spinning if I tried to use any of it. Not that I'm always peeling out at every stop light or anything, but it's nice to know it's there when you need it.

Fuel efficiency. My car is by no means fuel efficient...or so I thought. This truck burned through a gallon of gas just starting it up.

Precise steering. Again, the truck steers like a truck.

Things I will miss:

Giant marshmallow tires. I'll admit it, there were times that it was nice to not worry about potholes or other misc bumps. For the most part, my car prefers flat roads. With 16" rims, I can deal with some dirt and gravel, but big rocks not so much.

Satellite radio. The truck came with Sirius. I finally found a few stations I liked. I appreciated the variety.

Hauling stuff. I didn't use it for this very much, but the few times I did, it was really cool.

Seeing over the cars around me. In a small car, this is a pet peev of mine when I'm trying to make a right turn and some douche pulls up in the lane to my left in a tall vehicle such that I cannot see oncoming traffic. However, being that douche for a month, I was able to see oncoming traffic very well. The one time I found myself blocking someone's view, I backed up a few feet to let them see their way.

Ok, I think I'm done mentally sniffing my car's ass and licking it's face. It'll take a bit longer before I'm used to driving it again.
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