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No Reverse

This morning, I quickly packed up my bike and head out to the Oak Cliff Nature Preserve for some nice mountain biking. I rushed everything together to get out the door early and all was going well. I went down Mockingbird to Westmoreland just to have a change of scenery from the usual Inwood to Hampton route there. When I pulled up, the parking area was full, so I did a U-turn on the street to park. The street wasn't wide enough to do a full U-turn, so I had to back it up. My car wouldn't go into reverse at first, and when it finally did, it went forward, not backward. First gear still seemed to work fine, though. I asked some nearby cyclists to help me push it back some so I could park it, and they obliged. Fuck it, I'm already there, I might as well go for a ride.

They had reversed the trail today (I'm not really sure why), so all of the paths were travelled in reverse. I was very distracted by the transmission issue and the thought of paying several $k for a transmission rebuild. This distraction proved painful as I ran into 3 trees. Thankfully, my kung fu practice came in handy as I deflected all but one of them. The worst run-in totally hooked my handlebar as I was going about 10mph (kinda fast for such a narrow trail). It didn't flip me over, but threw my shin into my pedal as my bike stopped and pulled to the left. I felt a slight dislocation of my left shoulder, too. It is fine now and I just have a little ding in my shin. It was quite a while before I thought again about my car situation. The rest of the ride, I was focused on riding, and didn't wreck anymore. In fact, I ended up passing a few riders, so I must have been going at a decent clip.

I got back to my car, packed up the bike, and started heading home very delicately in first through third gears. While stoped at a light, I put it in reverse, and it still went forward but difficultly, like it's in a high gear or something. Not wanting to break down far from home, I didn't test anything further until I was near home. While crossing the Trinity, I got it up to forth, then fifth gear. At that point, I had a moment of clarity when I realized that my dumb ass was putting it into fifth gear and not reverse (fifth is right-forward, reverse is right-back). I had a brain fart that ruined quite a bit of my morning. I'm not sure why it wouldn't go into gear while trying to park (I did try right-back, but it didn't go there). I feel like an idiot for forgetting how to shift gears after driving my car for 2 years now. Maybe it was driving the rental truck that screwed me up, it's only been 2 weeks or so since I got my car back. Anyways, I'm glad my car is fine, I just wish I hadn't worried about it during my ride.
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