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Brief update:

Worked till about 10p last night, went home, socialized with people gathered for a small party. I left our party to go see Cut.Rate.Box play at the Red Blood Club - they rocked. Saw lots of friends that I haven't seen in several weeks (due to holidaze, overwork, sickness, etc..). Work is still hell, but I'm still paid hourly. I'm almost over my cold (it's been 2 FUCKING WEEKS!). I don't feel sick anymore, but I still have an over-abundance of phlegm. I've been playing ping-pong lately with coworkers, one of which is really cool (and a talented pong-er). I would like to involve her more in my personal life.

Ok, today, we're off to the Dallas World Aquarium, then parts unknown for dindin. We might go to Spider Boobies for evening revelry, but that is yet to be determined.
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