Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

changed oil

Tonight after work, I changed the oil (@85400mi) in my wrx and ended up chatting with one of my Spanish neighbors, Samuel. He's apparently considering getting a new Subaru STi wagon. He told me that his current car, a twin turbo V8 Audi makes about 550HP. He has a big brake kit on it, bigger turbos, lowered suspension, body kit and an upgraded exhaust. Damn, that's just stupid power AND it's all wheel drive. He sells engines and transmissions for a living and offered me some sweet deals on engines if/when the 66 Chevy truck ever gets rolling.

I asked if he ever takes his car to the track to fully enjoy it, and he said no, noting that he can't afford to replace the ($300 each) tires on his car after such an event. Kinda crazy to invest near $15k into performance mods and not even be able to enjoy them. I've spent well under $1000 on mine and have completely enjoyed almost every one.
Tags: wrx
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