Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

Time for time

Last weekend, we went to San Diego and Tijuana for a quick trip. See brindle's journal for more details.

I just wanted to say how extremely bizarre it was to fly over 2 time zones to gain 2 hours, have US DST take one of those hours away that evening, cross the border into Mexico and gain an hour back (they didn't adjust to our new DST scheme), cross back the next day and get that hour back, and finally to fly home the following day and lose the original 2 hours gained. We did a whole lot last weekend and got back home very late Monday night. Tuesday night, there was a death in the family (she was 93 years old), and we've spent the rest of the week dealing with viewings, funerals and burials, the last of which was yesterday in far West Texas. We haven't really had any down time in quite a while. Every single day has been exhausting. My office has been working on new business stuff so I'm kinda in between projects. Thankfully, I don't have any serious brain crunching going on at work, but I do have to be there to keep my minions busy. I'm going to try to do as little next weekend as possible.
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