Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

Another day at OCNP

I'd like to thank g_the_curious for organizing a cool ride with some cool people. I had a great time out on the trail today. I think I got low blood sugar at one point and had to go easy for a while. I ended up getting dumb and going up a hill in too high of a gear and forced my way up it. My legs just completely gave out for several minutes until I ate a packet of sugar gu the glycogen finally hit my muscles. Funny how that works. Another fun ride with no major injuries! BTW, that was my first group ride. It was pretty fun. It was nice talking to people while resting. I usually just forget to rest and end up spent and riding slowly. It's more fun to rest up in between loops and then attack them faster and with more energy.

Other bike related thoughts: I'm considering buying some Crank Brothers Eggbeater pedals. I saw a lot of people out on the trail succeeding with them today. Also, I'm considering turning my old Cannondale into a single speed in stead of replacing the shifter mechanisms.

Hopefully, next weekend will be dry enough at LB Houston to take some n00bs out on the trail. It is still muddy from the last rains, and it's supposed to rain some this week, too. I owe c0ldgirl and my friend Chris a n00b day out on the trail, and OCNP is too harsh for the uninitiated. That leaves Rowlette Creek Preserve (loops 1-6) or LB Houston (whichever is dry). If Boulder trail is dry, they have 2 trails (difficult and easy). I've never been out there, but I'm game if all else is muddy.
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