Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

Cree Q5 LED light first impressions

Today, I got the second shipment of bike light parts. At this point, I have 2 7.2v batteries, a single Cree Q5 bin LED light emitter with a 15 degree lense and a buckpuck 1000mA power driver with a potentiometer (dimmer switch). I loosely hooked everything up, just to see if it would work and all is well. I thought I had the dimmer knob turned down pretty far so that when it turned on, it wouldn't be too bright, but I guess it wasn't low enough. About an hour later and I still see spots from when it was on for less than a second.

I have copper pipe caps and already had some aluminum square stock sitting around from my WRX camera mount I previously made. It fits perfectly. I just need a power socket for it, some rugged power cable with proper end attachments and some Arctic Alumina Adhesive to glue it all together. This first light will be a helmet light. The next will mount on the handle bars.

I have 2 more emitters on order, but they are a different (cheaper) brand (SSC), but should be similarly bright. The new LEDs also have a different (cheaper) driver to go with them. This setup requires more work for me but is much more compact.
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