Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

French Doors

We got French doors this weekend.

Now we just need to get them in the wall. You can see to the right of the doors in this image where the previous owners bricked over a window. We will turn this into a doorway. It will then be wicked pissah. I'd run out of adjectives, and last night I was content with awesome, but thanks to c1, I have better adjectives now. Good night.

BTW, we got these at a salvage yard. They are damn heavy (probably over 300lbs). Also, if you go to Home Depot to rent their by-the-hour truck, do not accept the "4 hour minimum for $80" that the assholes on the Lemmon ave store propose. Call another location and get the first 75 mins for $20 + 20 for each additional hour. I ended up renting a truck from Budget, and it cost me just under the 4 hour home depot charge, though I had the truck for 24 hours. Another thing, if you're local, don't rent a vehicle near an airport, as they jack the tax up to 25%. I could have had it for much cheaper.
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