Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

Notes for next LED bike light design

Ok, after discussing my light with several people, I've decided to order parts for a small run of lights. This is more to show people how to make them than to make any sort of money off of it. I'm fronting about $100 in hard to find parts and will let people find their own batteries, cables and such.

Parts List:
From DealExtreme:
SKU	Qty	Price	Total	Product Name
10421	1	$7.35	$7.35	8-Mode LED Emitter Driver (3.7V~8.4V Input / 2-Pack)
06901	1	$2.84	$2.84	iCON Current Flow VU Meter (500uA)
01445	10	$6.07	$60.70	Seoul Semiconductors Z-Power LED Emitter (U-bin) ZPOWER
Discounts: $10.67

From KaiDomain:
SKU	Qty	Price	Total	Product Name
2982	2	$3.44	$6.88	Highly Efficient LED Circuit Board (4V-18V)
3215	1	$12.99	$12.99	(5pcs) 7135 Regulated 1A 17mm Circit (16 modes in 3 group)
3236	5	$1.51	$7.55	20mm 6 deg Optical lens Reflector for Lumileds/SSC LED Bulb
3237	8	$1.40	$11.20	20mm 15 deg Optical lens Reflector for Lumileds/SSC LED Bulb

(Note that I ordered some extra items to match up with other current/future projects)

The main design that I'm considering making is a "Dinotte" style. It looks good and it's somewhat simple and easy to build, even if it's a little bit bulkier than it needs to be. An even simpler option uses 3 3/4" copper pipe end caps. It's smaller and probably a little heavier, but it will not have any overheating problems.
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