Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

Whining about ailments

Monday and Tuesday morning, I woke up with high blood sugar. I went for a bike ride Monday night, just to make sure I had plenty of exercise to keep my blood sugar in check. It was still high Tuesday morning. I was a little sneezy, but didn't think much of it. Maybe I was fighting off a cold or something. I'm used to it. So, I go to kung fu class Tuesday night, and it just happens to be one of the most crowded classes I've ever seen. A large group of us did light (no pads, pulled punches) sparring for the whole class. I got dinged in the knee and my ankle caught an elbow. No biggie, I walked it off, and all was mostly fine after class when I drove home. I did notice more popping in my ankle than it normally does and a little bit of pain. I ate dinner and went to bed around 11p after some well earned TV time.

Fast forward to 1:30. I woke up with my ankle in intense pain (7 on a scale of 10). This was just laying there, not moving. Whenever I moved it or walked on it, it was extremely painful. I had to pee, so I got up and hobbled in pain to the bathroom. Sitting on the toilet, I found myself shivering uncontrollably. I got my house coat on and then checked my blood sugar. I was over 370! (normal is 75-110, but over 250 is bad bad. Over 300 is bad bad bad, etc..). I figured out that I had a fever and probably a cold of some sort, so I took some insulin and a tylenol and hobbled back to bed. Fevers make blood sugar go crazy in diabetics. I propped up pillows under my ailing foot to elevate it. After wincing at it for about an hour, I got up and contrived a ziplock bag/towel ice pack and used some gauze tape to attach it to my ankle, then returned to bed. After another half hour, I woke brindle up to help me out. She got me more tylenol and pillows. I think I finally went to sleep some time before 5am, when the pain subsided enough to let me sleep.

Lessons learned: High blood sugar will make inflammation MUCH WORSE. I've noticed this before when my back would ache whenever I got high blood sugar, but I guess my ankle invited much more pain to the party. A fever will consistently bring on high blood sugar, too. Yesterday, I could hardly walk, and found myself navigating with a trekking pole as a cane and dragging my gimp leg like a pirate. When Brindle got home, she brought me an ankle wrap, which seems to do wonders for my ankle. I can almost walk normally today. I'm not going to push it, so I'll be staying at home until maybe tomorrow night. I'm now taking advil for the inflammation and fever reduction, and that seems to do the job. I hope to be over this business by tomorrow.
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