Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

Kayaking, crafting and biking

Ok, well, today's kayak trip down the Trinity river was really cool. I had a great time. Going downstream in relatively clean water is really nice. We even went swimming in the river at one point. I never thought that I would have been swimming in the Trinity river. The water was nice and cool. Half of the ride, I had my feet out of the boat and dangling in the water. Very peaceful. However, it was much longer than anticipated, and I was left with no time to visit the Maker's Fair. I think I'm going to have to go down to Austin for the next Maker's fair. Since we got up early to kayak, I'm beat and will crash soon enough. I'm becoming a morning person of late. Tomorrow morning, I'm meeting my friend Xina for a 30mi bike ride. Here's my tentative route: (updated version with more stuff)
(starting point obscured to keep stalkers at bay)

We will be hitting West Dallas, South Irving, Grand Prairie, Arcadia Park and Oak Cliff before stopping by Spiral Diner for brunch. It should be an interesting ride.
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