Mark (poisonkitty) wrote,

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We went to Austin 2 weekends ago for the Maker Faire. I saw lots of awesome.

The first thing I built when I got home was a scaled up version of a balloon organ:

Next, I made the creepiest costume that I've ever made before as The Halloween Bunny:

I wore it to the Oak Lawn block party and exuded nightmares through my long fuzzy ears and demented gaze. The look ended up somewhere in between the rabbit from Donnie Darko and Arthur from The Tick. I had more fun that night than I've had in a long time. I never knew that being creepy could be so fun.

For Halloween, we scared the shit out of all of the children who rang our doorbell. The noise maker had the presence of a Mac Truck blowing through our driveway. Most kids JUMPED off of our porch when it sounded off, only to return, hearts pounding, expecting sugar treats from us and completely forgetting protocol (most forgot to say "trick or treat"), just laughing and out of breath. Unfortunately, I handed out candy too quickly (or didn't buy enough) and had to shut it down early. It was ok, since we went out to the Zombie Prom out in Ft. Worth around 8ish.
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